My journey to wonderland!

We all grow up dreaming of being somewhere, somewhere far away from where we currently are. Somewhere with unknown faces around us and some beautiful landscape that makes us wonder how beautiful the earth is. With all those thoughts and images flickering at the back of my mind, my journey started on the train station of the oldest city named Nijmegen in the Netherlands. Yes, the train station because this is the most easiest and affordable gateway to a new place within a country in Europe.

So, as I set my foot into this cute little train station, my eyes caught this very creatively painted piano that I could instantly relate my vision of a beautiful, serene world to the one painted on the body of this musical piece.

I was already impressed! But, oh wait, the existence of this musical instrument was even more glorified by some random traveler who used the different key chords and spun them into a melodious song keeping others like me hooked to that spot for two minutes or more.

For me, Nijmegen has been my home for 2 years where I learnt to be a woman of an independent thinking and how to live life responsibly other than the cool Microbiology stuffs I learnt at Radboud University during my Master. As a small student city, it is very friendly and everything is easily accessible. If you need to know how? BY BIKE 😉 One of the coolest things I learnt here was to bike and ride anywhere I wanted to. Netherlands is the biking country we all know of but you will only feel it once you hop on your awesome bicycle and give a tour of the entire city. One can also rent bikes and feel free to go anywhere they would like to, but make sure that you have locked it well when parking to ensure the security of your valued possession 😉

While biking around the center, you will come across the most hyped up place, especially during the summer. My favorite place in Nijmegen is on the banks of the river Waal. I have always considered myself a water baby, rivers and oceans have the inherent power to calm oneself down. Be it a very busy day at work or just a lazy afternoon, you can always come to this place and contemplate on your life and be yourself for some time.

Apart from that, a carnival spirit rushes down every person here in Summer in the summer capital of Holland. During the four days marches, one could see thousands of people marching to the city and everyone is enjoying their holidays with various events across the city. The beach remains quite busy and with such happy faces around, one could easily get lost in the summer spirits of Nijmegen.

If I do think about the night life, there are various small pubs at the center which can keep your Saturdays a fun-filled one 😉 One of my personal fun weekend experience was playing “escape boot” at the Waal. The price is affordable and takes back to your childhood days instantly where you could imagine yourself to be locked in one of the cabins of the boat and you need to solve the puzzle to get out of the place. Haha! That was one of the best nights I can recall of.

Well, this journey was not the end but just a beginning to many more I covered whilst my stay in Europe 😊